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New York City hosts Museum of Candy and we’re dying to visit it

Yep, that’s it. Candytopia is a museum full of vibrant colors and tasty paintings and sculptures for both kids and adults to have fun while walking around over a dozen rooms covered in candy such as candy floss and taffy… But that’s not all of it!


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The Museum of Ice Cream

Any ice cream fans out there? Well, if you fall into that category, you are definitely not alone! The Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC), which also stands for Movement of Imagination and Creativity, is a pop-up museum that began as an experiential art project in the summer of 2016.


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4th of July – FIREWORKS!

The United States is about to celebrate its Independence Day, commonly known as 4th of July, a very important date for the American people. On that date in 1776, the Continental Congress declared that the 13 colonies which had belonged to the British Empi…


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Flag Day

It’s everywhere. You have certainly seen it in movies and might have bought classroom objects with it printed all over. It’s on clothing and on the walls, there is a whole day to celebrate when it was adopted as a symbol of the land of the free and h…


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This week, we celebrate Easter in most countries in the world. Each country has its own traditions. In Brazil, for example, we like to hang dolls on the streets and beat them up. It is the “Judas”, the iconic biblical character that, according to the stor…


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